Here’s How To Make Your Day with Healthy Breakfast


Doctors always recommend eggs for the better health. One egg may contain more than 1000 healthy calories in it. Even for the children and patients it is considered as the food of heaven. But when the discussion meet at the point of breakfast eggs are always the first choice around the world. Here in these pictures you can see that chef made eggs with different recopies and with different styles so that everyone can take it and eat it easily.
The most healthy habit to have an egg is in the breakfast. When you take egg in the breakfast it not only boosts your metabolism but also increase the rate of activating your organs after sleep. An old Chinese doctor said that the one who eat an egg daily can never be old the whole life. So eat the eggs and have a healthy life ahead

1. Make a low-carb breakfast sandwich by turning eggs into a wrap.

Fill it with veggies, a little cheese, and maybe some meat for the perfect inside-out breakfast sandwich. Recipe here.

2. For a weekend breakfast that’s healthy but feels fancy, try an egg-and-veggie bake. /

The best thing about this combo is that it can be as virtuous as you want to make it. Try a kale-and-egg bake if you want something light and super healthy. If the morning calls for something a little heartier, Portuguese baked eggs are full of tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and spices, but also pack a healthy dose of cheese.

3. Or, try some high-protein breakfast options that aren’t eggs. /

Eggs are great. They’re quick, cheap, and full of protein. But after a while, eggs every morning can start to feel a little bit tired. Here are 17 breakfast recipes with over 15 grams of protein — like this vegan breakfast bowl and this hummus toast — for when you’re sick of omelettes and frittata muffins.

4. Make simple, healthy swaps so that breakfast energizes you and doesn’t make you feel sluggish.


Eat as much whole food as possible, go easy on the sugar, and make sure you’re getting some protein. Learn more here.

5. It’s finally apple season! Try these better-for-you muffins.

If you plan on going apple-picking this fall (you should — it’s so FUN!), you’ll probably end up with more fruit than you know what to do with. Make a dent in your stash by whipping up a batch of these whole-grain muffins to eat for breakfast all week. Recipe here.

6. Or, make applesauce in your slow cooker, then use it for overnight oats. /

Applesauce is a super-easy way to use up a ton of apples, and it’s even easier if you use a slow cooker (here’s how). You can use the applesauce for anything you want, but these overnight oats are a delicious, healthy breakfast that you can throw together the night before, then take to go in the AM.
When you DIY your favorite breakfast bars, you get to control exactly what goes in them, and chances are your bars won’t have nearly as much sugar as the store-bought kind. These peanut butter–banana oatmeal breakfast bars have fiber, healthy fats, and a little bit of protein, all of which will satisfy you and keep you happy until lunch.